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Download FULL sections of the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (notified 30th September 2013)
Chapter A: Introduction PDF (297KB) HTML
1 Issues of regional significance - Ngā take matua ā-rohe PDF (171KB) HTML
2 Enabling quality urban growth - Tāhuhu whakaruruhau ā-tāone PDF (156KB) HTML
3 Enabling economic well-being - Te whakatupu oranga whānau PDF (135KB) HTML
4 Protecting our historic heritage, special character and natural heritage - Te tiaki taonga tuku iho PDF (221KB) HTML
5 Addressing issues of significance to Mana Whenua - Ngā take matua a ngā Ahikā-roa mai i tawhiti PDF (197KB) HTML
6 Sustainably managing our natural resources - Toitū te whenua, toitū te taiao PDF (165KB) HTML
7 Sustainably managing our coastal environment - Toitū te taiwhenua PDF (308KB) HTML
8 Sustainably managing our rural environment - Toitū te tuawhenua PDF (108KB) HTML
9 Responding to climate change - He tīkapa ki te āhuarangi PDF (94KB) HTML
10 Methods PDF (65KB) HTML
11 Cross-boundary issues PDF (71KB) HTML
12 Environmental results anticipated PDF (111KB) HTML
13 Monitoring and review procedures PDF (67KB) HTML
1 Infrastructure PDF (459KB) HTML
2 Mana Whenua PDF (349KB) HTML
3 Historic heritage PDF (319KB) HTML
4 Natural heritage PDF (297KB) HTML
5 Natural resources PDF (1106KB) HTML
6 Subdivision PDF (513KB) HTML
7 General PDF (458KB) HTML
1 Residential zones PDF (460KB) HTML
2 Public open space zones PDF (431KB) HTML
3 Business zones PDF (122KB) HTML
4 Future Urban zone PDF (304KB) HTML
5 Coastal zones PDF (1131KB) HTML
6 Rural zones PDF (1328KB) HTML
7 Strategic Transport Corridor PDF (315KB) HTML
8 Special Purpose zones PDF (522KB) HTML
1 Infrastructure PDF (410KB) HTML
2 Historic Heritage PDF (363KB) HTML
3 Special Character PDF (410KB) HTML
4 Built Environment PDF (462KB) HTML
5 Mana Whenua PDF (337KB) HTML
6 Natural heritage PDF (600KB) HTML
7 Natural resources PDF (541KB) HTML
1 Auckland-wide PDF (548KB) HTML
2 Central PDF (963KB) HTML
3 City Centre PDF (770KB) HTML
4 Hauraki and Gulf Islands N/A N/A
5 North PDF (2278KB) HTML
6 South PDF (1380KB) HTML
7 West PDF (936KB) HTML
Chapter G: General provisions PDF (713KB) HTML
1.1 Network utilities and energy PDF (506KB) HTML
1.2 Transport PDF (1311KB) HTML
2.1 Māori land PDF (71KB) HTML
2.2 Treaty settlement land PDF (324KB) HTML
3.1 Trees in streets and public open spaces PDF (303KB) HTML
4.1 Air quality PDF (720KB) HTML
4.2 Earthworks PDF (523KB) HTML
4.3 Vegetation management PDF (401KB) HTML
4.4 Cleanfills, managed fills and landfills PDF (329KB) HTML
4.5 Contaminated land PDF (335KB) HTML
4.6 Managing hazardous substances PDF (375KB) HTML
4.7 Biosolids PDF (305KB) HTML
4.8 Industrial and trade activities (ITA) PDF (422KB) HTML
4.9 Agrichemicals and Vertebrate Toxic Agents (VTAs) PDF (340KB) HTML
4.10 Rural production discharges PDF (318KB) HTML
4.11 Natural hazards PDF (307KB) HTML
4.12 Flooding PDF (356KB) HTML
4.13 Lakes, rivers, streams and wetland management PDF (377KB) HTML
4.14 Stormwater management PDF (470KB) HTML
4.15 On-site wastewater PDF (329KB) HTML
4.16 Wastewater network management PDF (330KB) HTML
4.17 Taking, using, damming and diversion of water and drilling PDF (440KB) HTML
4.18 Other discharges of contaminants PDF (488KB) HTML
4.19 Genetically modified organisms PDF (316KB) HTML
5 Subdivision PDF (655KB) HTML
6.1 Lighting PDF (304KB) HTML
6.2 Noise and vibration PDF (388KB) HTML
6.3 Signs PDF (358KB) HTML
6.4 Sustainable development PDF (331KB) HTML
6.5 Temporary activities PDF (339KB) HTML
6.6 Affordable housing PDF (323KB) HTML
1 Residential zones PDF (1454KB) HTML
2 Public open space zones PDF (397KB) HTML
3 Business zones PDF (1742KB) HTML
4 City Centre zone PDF (2868KB) HTML
5 Future Urban zone PDF (309KB) HTML
6 Coastal - General Coastal Marine zone PDF (822KB) HTML
7 Coastal - Marina zone PDF (358KB) HTML
8 Coastal - Mooring zone PDF (306KB) HTML
9 Coastal - Minor Port zone PDF (344KB) HTML
10 Coastal - Ferry Terminal zone PDF (336KB) HTML
11 Coastal - Defence zone PDF (70KB) HTML
12 Coastal - Coastal Transition zone PDF (46KB) HTML
13 Rural zones PDF (411KB) HTML
14 Strategic Transport Corridor zone PDF (72KB) HTML
15 Special Purpose - Airport zone PDF (327KB) HTML
16 Special Purpose - Cemetery zone PDF (69KB) HTML
17 Special Purpose - Healthcare Facility zone PDF (436KB) HTML
18 Special Purpose - Major Recreation Facility zone PDF (381KB) HTML
19 Special Purpose - Māori Purpose zone PDF (150KB) HTML
20 Special Purpose - Quarry zone PDF (71KB) HTML
21 Special Purpose - Retirement Village zone PDF (805KB) HTML
22 Special Purpose - Green Infrastructure Corridor zone PDF (326KB) HTML
23 Special Purpose - School zone PDF (305KB) HTML
24 Special purpose - Tertiary Education zone PDF (331KB) HTML
1.1 Airport Approach Path PDF (621KB) HTML
1.2 Aircraft Noise PDF (477KB) HTML
1.3 City Centre Port Noise PDF (398KB) HTML
1.4 Electricity Transmission Corridor PDF (314KB) HTML
1.5 High Land Transport Noise PDF (307KB) HTML
1.6 Quarry Buffer Area PDF (301KB) HTML
1.7 Quarry Transport Route PDF (305KB) HTML
2 Historic Heritage PDF (428KB) HTML
3.1 Special Character Business PDF (1447KB) HTML
3.2 Special Character Residential Helensville PDF (399KB) HTML
3.3 Special Character Residential Isthmus A, B and C PDF (2958KB) HTML
3.4 Special Character Residential North Shore PDF (863KB) HTML
3.5 Special Character General PDF (759KB) HTML
3.6 Pre-1944 Building Demolition Control PDF (311KB) HTML
4.1 Auckland War Memorial Museum Viewshaft PDF (592KB) HTML
4.2 Additional Zone Height Control PDF (392KB) HTML
4.3 Ridgeline Protection PDF (290KB) HTML
4.4 Indicative Roads and Open Space PDF (313KB) HTML
4.5 City Centre Fringe Office PDF (288KB) HTML
4.6 Local Public Views PDF (292KB) HTML
5.1 Sites and Places of Significance to Mana Whenua PDF (77KB) HTML
5.2 Sites and Places of Value to Mana Whenua PDF (315KB) HTML
6.1 Outstanding Natural Features (ONF) PDF (75KB) HTML
6.2 Outstanding Natural Landscapes (ONL) and Outstanding and High Natural Character (ONC and HNC) PDF (326KB) HTML
6.3 Volcanic Viewshafts and Height-sensitive Areas PDF (345KB) HTML
6.4 Notable Trees PDF (295KB) HTML
7 Natural resources PDF (290KB) HTML
8 Coastal PDF (282KB) HTML
1.1 Boat Building PDF (429KB) HTML
1.2 Greenfield Urban PDF (465KB) HTML
1.3 Integrated Development PDF (629KB) HTML
1.4 Mana Whenua Management PDF (340KB) HTML
1.5 Motorsports PDF (525KB) HTML
1.6 Racing PDF (490KB) HTML
1.7 Regional Parks PDF (459KB) HTML
1.8 Rowing and Paddling PDF (343KB) HTML
1.9 Sports PDF (396KB) HTML
1.10 Stadiums and Showgrounds PDF (978KB) HTML
1.11 Waitematā Navigation Channel PDF (342KB) HTML
2.1 Alexandra Park PDF (530KB) HTML
2.2 Auckland Museum PDF (342KB) HTML
2.3 Carlaw Park PDF (486KB) HTML
2.4 Central Park PDF (1359KB) HTML
2.5 Cornwall Park PDF (768KB) HTML
2.6 Ellerslie 1 PDF (1103KB) HTML
2.7 Ellerslie 2 PDF (700KB) HTML
2.8 Monte Cecilia PDF (640KB) HTML
2.9 Mount Albert 1 PDF (337KB) HTML
2.10 Mount Albert 2 PDF (931KB) HTML
2.11 Newmarket 1 PDF (393KB) HTML
2.12 Newmarket 2 PDF (458KB) HTML
2.13 Observatory PDF (457KB) HTML
2.14 Okahu Marine PDF (740KB) HTML
2.15 Old Government House PDF (372KB) HTML
2.16 Ōrākei 1 PDF (572KB) HTML
2.17 Ōrākei 2 PDF (459KB) HTML
2.18 Ōrākei Point PDF (2133KB) HTML
2.19 Saint Heliers PDF (566KB) HTML
2.20 Saint Lukes PDF (1420KB) HTML
2.21 Sylvia Park PDF (916KB) HTML
2.22 Tāmaki PDF (594KB) HTML
2.23 Wairaka PDF (987KB) HTML
2.24 Zoo and MOTAT PDF (374KB) HTML
3.1 Britomart PDF (907KB) HTML
3.2 Central Wharves PDF (729KB) HTML
3.3 Cook Street Depot PDF (552KB) HTML
3.4 Downtown West PDF (493KB) HTML
3.5 Karangahape Road PDF (582KB) HTML
3.6 Learning PDF (1356KB) HTML
3.7 Port PDF (824KB) HTML
3.8 Quay Park PDF (929KB) HTML
3.9 Queen Street Valley PDF (828KB) HTML
3.10 Residential PDF (381KB) HTML
3.11 Viaduct Harbour PDF (1075KB) HTML
3.12 Victoria Park Market PDF (657KB) HTML
3.13 Westhaven PDF (652KB) HTML
3.14 Wynyard PDF (2856KB) HTML
5.1 Akoranga  PDF (344KB) HTML
5.2 Albany 1  PDF (341KB) HTML
5.3 Albany 2  PDF (337KB) HTML
5.4 Albany 3  PDF (415KB) HTML
5.5 Albany Centre  PDF (879KB) HTML
5.6 Bayswater Marina  PDF (502KB) HTML
5.7 Browns Bay  PDF (401KB) HTML
5.8 Chelsea  PDF (906KB) HTML
5.9 Dairy Flat  PDF (740KB) HTML
5.10 Devonport Naval Base  PDF (436KB) HTML
5.11 Devonport Peninsula  PDF (1041KB) HTML
5.12 Greenhithe  PDF (367KB) HTML
5.13 Gulf Harbour  PDF (770KB) HTML
5.14 Gulf Harbour Marina  PDF (437KB) HTML
5.15 HMNZ Dockyard  PDF (498KB) HTML
5.16 Hobsonville Corridor  PDF (1264KB) HTML
5.17 Hobsonville Point  PDF (1598KB) HTML
5.18 Huapai North  PDF (883KB) HTML
5.19 Kakanui Point  PDF (401KB) HTML
5.20 Kawau Island  PDF (561KB) HTML
5.21 Kumeu  PDF (939KB) HTML
5.22 Leigh Marine Laboratory  PDF (471KB) HTML
5.23 Long Bay  PDF (2449KB) HTML
5.24 Martins Bay  PDF (431KB) HTML
5.25 Matakana 1  PDF (1141KB) HTML
5.26 Matakana 2  PDF (439KB) HTML
5.27 Matakana 3  PDF (454KB) HTML
5.28 Omaha Flats  PDF (653KB) HTML
5.29 Omaha South  PDF (550KB) HTML
5.30 Orewa 1  PDF (792KB) HTML
5.31 Orewa 2  PDF (1166KB) HTML
5.32 Orewa 3  PDF (648KB) HTML
5.33 Orewa Countryside  PDF (580KB) HTML
5.34 Puhoi  PDF (373KB) HTML
5.35 Riverhead 1  PDF (459KB) HTML
5.36 Riverhead 2  PDF (764KB) HTML
5.37 Riverhead 3  PDF (613KB) HTML
5.38 Riverhead 4  PDF (766KB) HTML
5.39 Riverhead South  PDF (613KB) HTML
5.40 Rodney Landscape  PDF (437KB) HTML
5.41 Rodney Thermal Energy Generation  PDF (994KB) HTML
5.42 Silverdale 1  PDF (628KB) HTML
5.43 Silverdale 2  PDF (829KB) HTML
5.44 Silverdale North  PDF (1438KB) HTML
5.45 Smales 1  PDF (346KB) HTML
5.46 Smales 2  PDF (774KB) HTML
5.47 Takapuna 1  PDF (606KB) HTML
5.48 Takapuna 2  PDF (967KB) HTML
5.49 Te Arai North  PDF (837KB) HTML
5.50 Te Arai South  PDF (821KB) HTML
5.51 Waimana Point  PDF (479KB) HTML
5.52 Waimauku  PDF (488KB) HTML
5.53 Waitematā Gun Club  PDF (381KB) HTML
5.54 Waiwera  PDF (528KB) HTML
5.55 Warkworth 1  PDF (683KB) HTML
5.56 Warkworth 2  PDF (577KB) HTML
5.57 Warkworth 3  PDF (527KB) HTML
5.58 Weiti PDF (1354KB) HTML
5.63 Huapai 2 PDF (723KB) HTML
6.1 Ardmore 1  PDF (408KB) HTML
6.2 Ardmore 2  PDF (342KB) HTML
6.3 Auckland Airport  PDF (920KB) HTML
6.4 Beachlands 1  PDF (876KB) HTML
6.5 Clevedon  PDF (1829KB) HTML
6.6 Flat Bush  PDF (2104KB) HTML
6.7 Franklin  PDF (1015KB) HTML
6.8 Karaka 1  PDF (504KB) HTML
6.9 Karaka 2  PDF (832KB) HTML
6.10 Kelly's Cove  PDF (524KB) HTML
6.11 Kingseat  PDF (1665KB) HTML
6.12 Māngere 1  PDF (493KB) HTML
6.13 Māngere 2  PDF (372KB) HTML
6.14 Māngere Bridge  PDF (369KB) HTML
6.15 Māngere Gateway  PDF (721KB) HTML
6.16 Māngere Puhinui  PDF (342KB) HTML
6.17 Manukau  PDF (425KB) HTML
6.18 Mill Road  PDF (501KB) HTML
6.19 Papakura  PDF (418KB) HTML
6.20 Pararēkau and Kōpuahingahinga Islands  PDF (1006KB) HTML
6.21 Pine Harbour  PDF (558KB) HTML
6.22 Pukekohe Hill  PDF (690KB) HTML
6.23 Rosella Road  PDF (361KB) HTML
6.24 Runciman  PDF (1161KB) HTML
6.25 Takanini  PDF (1334KB) HTML
6.26 Waiouru  PDF (399KB) HTML
6.27 Waiuku  PDF (618KB) HTML
6.28 Whitford  PDF (1764KB) HTML
6.29 Whitford Village  PDF (600KB) HTML
6.31 Hingaia 1 PDF (723KB) HTML
6.32 Hingaia 2 PDF (751KB) HTML
6.33 Hingaia 3 PDF (515KB) HTML
7.1 Avondale 1  PDF (525KB) HTML
7.2 Avondale 2  PDF (529KB) HTML
7.3 Babich  PDF (669KB) HTML
7.4 Birdwood  PDF (506KB) HTML
7.5 Lincoln  PDF (503KB) HTML
7.6 New Lynn  PDF (751KB) HTML
7.7 Penihana North  PDF (1311KB) HTML
7.8 Swanson North  PDF (1260KB) HTML
7.9 Waitākere Ranges Heritage Area  PDF (4309KB) HTML
7.10 Westgate  PDF (956KB) HTML
7.11 Westpark Marina PDF (436KB) HTML
Definitions PDF (1132KB) HTML
Appendix 1 Structure plan requirements and Metropolitan Urban Area 2010 PDF (1635KB) N/A
Appendix 2 Infrastructure PDF (327KB) N/A
Appendix 3 Natural heritage PDF (4264KB) N/A
Appendix 4 Mana Whenua PDF (1714KB) N/A
Appendix 5 Natural resources PDF (2499KB) N/A
Appendix 6 Coastal PDF (8269KB) N/A
Appendix 7 City Centre zone PDF (4456KB) N/A
Appendix 8 Schedule of heritage orders PDF (307KB) N/A
Appendix 9 Significant Historic Heritage Places PDF (6902KB) N/A
Appendix 10 Special Character statements PDF (382KB) N/A
Appendix 11.1 Auckland-wide PDF (272KB) N/A
Appendix 11.2 Central PDF (11295KB) N/A
Appendix 11.3 City Centre PDF (270KB) N/A
Appendix 11.4 Hauraki and Gulf Islands PDF (271KB) N/A
Appendix 11.5 North PDF (28759KB) N/A
Appendix 11.6 South PDF (918KB) N/A
Appendix 11.7 West PDF (269KB) N/A
Appendix 12 Subdivision PDF (327KB) N/A
Guidance PDF (70KB) N/A
Attachment 1 Precincts reference documents PDF (7199KB) N/A
Attachment 2 Urban design guidelines PDF (9050KB) N/A
Using Part 7 PDF (369KB) HTML
Airways Corporation of New Zealand Ltd PDF(307KB) HTML
Ardmore Airport Ltd PDF(522KB) HTML
Auckland Council PDF(2414KB) HTML
Auckland International Airport Ltd PDF(2882KB) HTML
Auckland Transport PDF(3485KB) HTML
Chorus NZ Ltd PDF(952KB) HTML
Counties Power Ltd PDF(658KB) HTML
Kordia Ltd PDF(924KB) HTML
Maritime New Zealand PDF(283KB) HTML
Meteorological Service of New Zealand Ltd PDF(290KB) HTML
Minister of Corrections PDF(1013KB) HTML
Minister for Courts PDF(473KB) HTML
Minister of Defence PDF(1501KB) HTML
Minister of Education PDF(1798KB) HTML
Minister of Immigration PDF(281KB) HTML
Minister of Police PDF(525KB) HTML
Minister for Social Development PDF(568KB) HTML
Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment PDF(420KB) HTML
New Zealand Railways Corporation (KiwiRail) PDF(704KB) HTML
New Zealand Refining Company Ltd PDF(348KB) HTML
New Zealand Transport Agency PDF(3305KB) HTML
Prime Minister PDF(329KB) HTML
Radio New Zealand Ltd PDF(290KB) HTML
Telecom New Zealand Ltd PDF(905KB) HTML
Television New Zealand Ltd PDF(481KB) HTML
Transpower New Zealand Ltd PDF(4775KB) HTML
Vector Ltd PDF(1376KB) HTML
Vector Gas Ltd PDF(703KB) HTML
Watercare Services Ltd PDF(1805KB) HTML
Wiri Oil Services Ltd PDF(816KB) HTML
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